Brand-new white and red flimsee set

To kick off football season we have launched a brand-new white and red flimsee set.  As the most popular team color on the planet, we love the way these turned out.  Check out a Flimsee set today and get ready for this weekend's college football tailgate.

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Old school ball tops meet new school injection molded couplings


The ability to break down a Flimsee Stick was a challenge that took some passion, thought, practice, and engineering. 

We would not be satisfied with anything that did not maintain the full flexibility of the 5/16" fiberglass rod. 

With the help of Trident Design we created a patent pending connector coupling that attaches permanently to one stick and creates a friction fitting 55" stick.

Thanks to our 2014 Indiegogo Campaign these couplings have been tested, mother approved, and available standard on every Flimsee set. 

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The Super fun launch 2014

Flimsee has it’s roots in keeping fun simple. For those who have played it, in any version, with any vertical target where an object is being caught, that this is the funnest game ever. Follow our story to take a game to the next level and give you the equipment you want.

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So what is Flimsee?

Flimsee Cups is a frisbee game, a team sport, and outstanding fun! It involves four goalposts with cups on top. The goal is to score points by flipping the cups off the poles or by passing the frisbee between them. The real goal of Flimsee Cups? Friends, family, community, and fun!

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