Flimsee is simply a better lawn game. This video's speed gives you a quick idea of what some back and forth can look like with a Flimsee Set. 

Set aside a clear 50'x10' court and set up sticks 16" x 35' apart. 
Grab a teammate who can either catch a cup or has a precise disc toss.

Clean through for Two Points, or Knock the cups to the ground for One.  

We took Flimsee to Indiegogo and launched an incredibly fun and successful campaign.  Forever grateful of the supporters of the games development and lifelong fan of some Flimsee. 

A classic video the Andy 24 Ultimate Frisbee Tournament at Beekman Field in Columbus Ohio.  

Our first video:

An Intense Mix of footage from Clear Lake Indiana, Ohio State tailgates, Columbus Ohio festivals, and Talledega Speedway.  

Historic footage of Flimsee at the Bier Stube.