How to Play


Official Flimsee Rules

  • The team with the shortest player throws first. (1 on 1, or 2 on 2)
  • Each player on the team throws one disc in an attempt to go clean through or to knock off your opponents cups. Teams take turns throwing.  
  • The offense earns ONE point for each of their opponent’s Cups that are knocked to the ground, even if the disc does not hit the stick on the fly.
  • The Defense can prevent scoring by catching the Cup(s) as they are bounced off the Flimsee Stick(s)
  • First Team to 12 points WINS. 


  • On defense, players may not goal tend or touch sticks. On offense players must throw from behind the sticks
  • The offense earns TWO points by throwing the Disc clean through the opponents Flimsee Sticks. Below the highest point of the Cups, and above the grass.
  • If both players on a team send it clean through on a single turn, the discs are sent back. 
  • Teams must switch sides after one team scores six 6 points to prevent any difference in setup or advantage to any team
  • Team without the shortest player gets the last throwing attempt
  • First team to twelve (12) points is the Winner!
  • Teams do not need to win by 2 and it becomes sudden death if opposing team reaches 12 points on final throw.
  • Have fun!

Flimsee instructions:

The rules are classic and the basics are unchanged. Take a watch at this classic video showcasing the official and kid friendly version of Flimsee Cups.