Flimsee at Festival of Fire and more in 2018

Flimsee touring music festivals has been the natural promotions campaign for this game. This year, we're excited to sponsor Festival of Fire, located at the Zane Shawnee Indian Caverns in Bellefontaine, Ohio.

It's an incredible location and a great music destination for us this summer, non profit, and family oriented!   This festival was created to bring people of all ages, backgrounds and up bringings together that share the love of music and art. The lands are filled with beautiful trails, trees of all sorts and grass fields to play Flimsee.  A game which has become a favorite among these towns in Northwest Ohio. 
The Festival of Fire begins with a pre-party in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday June 28th, moves to the Shawnee Indian Caverns on Friday June 29th and Saturday June 30th where the festival is in full swing; it then commences on Sunday July 1st. 
Join the fun.   



Flimsee touring music festivals




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Is it all about Winning?

Like any game, the goal is to win. Whether that's by scoring more points, being faster, better accuracy, stronger defense, they all lead to the same thing. A better chance of winning. 

In Flimsee, many different things can lead to being the first team to score 12 points. Teamwork, disc throwing throwing accuracy, and strong defense.. for sure, as teams who can focus on catching flying cups, can keep the opponent from scoring. 

Find some friends who love lawn games, an open patch of grass, and practice good sportsmanship, while politely rubbing in every victory. 


Playing lawn games to win

Always maintaining an awesome level of good sportsmanship.  

Victory at halftime of a ultimate game - Flimsee games


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Woodlands Backyard is getting a Dome!

Our favorite place to play in our hometown of Columbus is Woodlands Backyard. Woodlands has 6-7 sand volleyball courts and has always had the perfect amount of beer and frisbee players to make for some fun weekends and happy hours. 

This year we look forward to watching them build a dome over this awesome outdoor area, complete with a bar and professional Flimsee Court. 








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