About Us

Flimsee® Cups is a Frisbee game, a team sport, and outstanding fun! It involves two goalposts with cups on top. The goal is to score points by flipping cups off the poles and/or by passing the Frisbee cleanly between them, all while challenging the defense to catch any bounced cups.

Buy it. Play it. Share It.

Our Background: Founded in 2009 by John Mally of Columbus Ohio with the intention of taking the game and the equipment to the next level, simply because it's a blast.  Flimsee has grown its reputation as a fun and addictive Frisbee game and a high quality compact game set.

Through local, regional, and international promotions, this American-made game set has become a hit at parties, barbecues, tailgates, the beach, and anywhere in need of extra fun. Anytime you get people up to play a game it energizes, brings life, and creates memories. 

What started as a rudimentary way to pass the time has evolved into a portable lawn game that has provided many thousands of families and friends with a brand new way to connect through competitive play.