Flimsee – The most fun you’ve ever had playing a lawn game

What is Flimsee?

Flimsee is the ultimate lawn game for fun and friendly competition. It consists of three simple elements: a cup, a stick, and a frisbee.

Creator John Mally first conceived the idea back in 2008, when he saw a disc strike a snow pole and send a cup flying during a casual game of catch. Five years and multiple prototypes later, the Flimsee Set, has the set the standards for the game, becoming a cult favorite among a loyal community of lawn gamers, tailgaters, and disc enthusiasts who continually raise the level of competitiveness.

Flimsee, a Columbus Ohio startup, partnered with Trident Design, an invention incubator to launch a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo which is now Live. Their goal is to get as many of the newly designed compact sets in the hands of as many fun people as possible in preparation for football season. To be successful in manufacturing you have to get your quantities up and have capital for inventory, investment, and marketing, this campaign is helping them do just that. It’s a Cornhole alternative that players fall in love and can’t help but want more of once they’ve played. Flimsee is a game that measures disc throwing accuracy as well reflexes, with non-stop action and party rule adjustments. Whether playing offense or defense, casual or competitive, it’s fun to scramble after cups flung from sticks struck by the discs. Flimsee is ideal for cookouts, tailgating, beaches, parks, and wherever else people are gathering.

Join Flimsee in their crowdfunding efforts to create a more compact, Made in America, safe and durable, collapsable version of the game.

To view the campaign and 3 minute video, please visit http://igg.me/at/flimsee/x/7100601.

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The Ultimate Summertime Game

Thanks for joining us here at Flimsee.com, we hope you’ve had an opportunity to experience the unexplainable fun of the Flimsee.  If not, we invite to order a starter kit  and become part of the 2014 Summer Promo Tour.

Any parties, cookouts, or birthdays on the schedule for the coming weeks? Order a Flimsee set now and get a Classic coming your way.

If you have time to wait thought, this July we are launching an Indiegogo campaign to implement all kinds of awesome plans we have for this game. We encourage you to get used to the site at Indiegogo now as we’re heading that way.

We’re taking Flimsee to next level in 2014 and we want you to be part of the fun. Enter your email right here for the freshest news from us and as always a chance to win a Flimsee Set.

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Taking Backyard Fun to the Next Level

Join us in our mission to take traditional backyard games to the next level of fun with Flimsee. This game was created out of a passion for good competition and the love of the Frisbee. As Ultimate players and beer drinkers we have a blast with Flimsee and are excited to share our game set with everyone we can. Enjoy!

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Cheers to a New Year 2014

Our New Year Resolution is to simply play more.  Before we know it, most days come to a close and we forget to put fun first. Set aside some time this year and just play, it’s essential.

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