Andy24 Flimsee Tournament Victors

Around midnight last weekend at the Andy24 Ultimate Frisbee event… things got intense.
Flimsee Sticks we’re pushed back to about 38′ and 2 – 175 gram custom Ultrastars starting flying on each court.

Five games kicked off the 16 team tournament and they really got the excitement going.
The next round matched up some extremely talented throwers and at this point it was recognized that defense would make the difference. The heavier weighted discs exposed the flimsy fiberglass and cups were sent flying ten feet at times. In the semi finals the players really got a feel for the Beekman park super soft grass and were diving all over. Like diving for every disc, Letting a cup hit the ground was not an option.

In the end, only one team could write their name in the middle of the bracket. That team was

…… Well done ….

We’ll see you at Andy 24 next year.