Love To Dive? Try It In The Sand

You can trust that we’ve taken Flimsee sticks just about everywhere and with those travels we’ve learned that playing in the sand is the best.
Taking Flimsee to the beach is amazing and is the perfect location for casual games with the family. Especially since you can play about 20 feet into the surf for some great dives into the water.

Bars with beach volleyball courts however, have no wind, backstops, beer, and bring out ultimate competitiveness, because their sandy setups are so ideal.  Perfect setup areas are critical for Flimsee and if we had to recommend a playing area other than a wide open green grass, it would surely be that sand volleyball bar in your hometown.  Volleyball leagues are getting more popular all over the country and Flimsee can definitely turn things up a notch with that crowd, so take your Flimsee set next time you go.  If you’re looking to host a tournament, set up a league, or just want to talk, shoot us an email at We always like to hear about a good Flimsee party in the sand and will help out in any way we can.