Bier Stube North – The perfect patio for Lawn games and pitchers

Last weekend we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and head up to the Bier Stube North to check out their Flimsee court. It’s actually an old Bocce court, but it’s a perfect setup. Most people never knew there was a Bier Stube North in Linworth — they’ve only heard of the one on campus. If you are near Dublin, Upper Arlington, or Worthington, you are near Linworth, Ohio. It does exists, people are friendly, and the patio is awesome.

The campus Stube is also a pretty historic establishment as it sits back off of High Street near a row of Freshman dorms at Ohio State, but besides some blacktop doesn’t have much room for cornhole or any other outdoor lawn games.
As Columbus Alive put it last year, the Bier Stube on High, “…is a place that celebrates the camaraderie of the pitcher, a last vestige of the neighborhood’s gritty, carefree past.” Now that the Campus Gateway is completed, the area between Ohio State campus and downtown Columbus is forever different, so try not to forget about either Stube.

Bier Stube North
2382 West Dublin Granville Road
Columbus, OH 43235
Phone: (614) 718-9110