The Bexley Coffee Shop sells Flimsee

Located on Cassady Avenue in Bexley Ohio, this coffee shop is responsible for all of my accomplishments the first half of the day. This small business has become an integral part of the neighborhood and through regular coffee stops, good friends. Stopping in for a “better than Starbucks” coffee and a Sammy’s bagel around 6 is my general way to start the day.

They deserve a shout out for having great coffee, being good people, and adding Flimsee sets to their gift shop. We’ve all seen coffee shops selling different little goodies, but nothing as random as a sticks and cups yard game. I guess once you’ve played Flimsee and see how much fun it is, it’s not so random and really fits in to the laid-back atmosphere . With summer around the corner, it’s naturally something we want to tell people about, so we think it is the perfect place.

Last Fall they introduced us to an incredible locally developed product. It was called the Dsolv bag and looked like an over sized flying disc, but was actually a compostable mesh lawn leaf bag that was easy to fill, stands up straight, won’t rip, and made Fall cleanup a breeze!
From then on we realized that a coffee shop is a really interesting way to get Flimsee into the hands of neighborhood kids.

So in other words, the Bexley Coffee Shop is more then just a coffee shop – It’s a great place that you can count on for superior coffee, friendly conversation, and great gifts.

I almost forgot to mention that they now have a new dimension to their business – Red Bike Coffee Roasters. They are roasting their own single origin coffee beans in a beautiful, bright red, large coffee roaster that screams fresh coffee. If you’re looking for a taste of Bexley then we encourage you to stop in for a pound of Red Bike Roasters and an amazing lawn game.