Flimsee makes the Case at the new Mellow Mushroom in Dublin

Here at Flimsee we are firm believers in a great experience. Over the course of life and vacationing in the south we have become huge fans of the original gourmet Mellow Mushroom Pizza and the unique experience that each location offers. A couple years back our great buddy and BGSU classmate Colby opened up the northern most Mellow Mushroom at the northern most exit in Columbus, Polaris Parkway. This location has absolutely rocked for so many reasons. We’d like to think it’s because of the intense Flimsee games out back, but I think has more to do with the incredible kitchen, phenomenal beer selection, and good people.

By popular demand, the Dublin area now has their own Mellow to call home. The brand new restaurant opened by Colby’s brother Luke is at 6505 Dublin Center Drive and will have no trouble filling up. There are flat screens everywhere, like 40 beers on taps, and an Olympian dough tosser. You’ll have to come in to see what we mean by that. We were lucky enough to get an invite to a special ‘friends and family’ dinner Saturday and were pretty blown away with the operationally excellent kitchen staff and bar. Everything about this new location fits right into the laid back hippie like experience you expect at the Mellow Mushroom. Recommendations: Garlic butter parmesan pretzels, sweet thai chili oven wings, and a Caesar pizza. Yes, it is covered in romaine lettuce and the caesar dressing that comes with will blow your mind. Follow up with as many Bell’s Two Hearted as your allowed and it will be a memorably mellow experience.

If you are in the Dublin area and looking for a great place to eat and drink we obviously recommend the Mellow.
All we ask is that you take home a Flimsee set when you visit.

Thanks to the Mellow workers and their dedicated patrons that have helped Flimsee® build popularity and spread beyond Columbus.