New flimsy Tags hanging from the Official Flimsee® Set

Take a look at the latest tags that hanging from the Flimsee Sets. We think they look great and explain perfectly the experience and fun provided when you see a Flimsee set at a retail store.  No need for bulky packaging, what you see is what you get, an awesome game that you cannot find anywhere else.

Things continue to get fun this winter as more people are getting introduced to this new brand and game and in turn spreading it to someone else. If we all start planning for the spring right now, the party schedule will be that much more concise this summer, and  we’ll be able to consume much more, while we play Frisbee® games, and have tons of fun.

Special thanks to Sommer at Label Brand for helping us design these classic 2×6 tags.

I hope everyone’s all done with their shopping, so it won’t be too crowded for me on Thursday.

Cheers to cold holidays,

– John