Back to the disc throwing basics

For most playing a yard game is a simple way to take a much needed break while spending time with friends and family.  Learning to play Flimsee® is easy, the rules are simple and the game can be adjusted to match the skill level of players.

Increasing your skill at throwing the flying disc is a great way to increase the competitive level of the game. Please see below for a few basic tips for throwing the Flimsee Saucer.

First thing to remember, keep the flat side of the disk up, smile and laugh often.

The Stance: Stand sideways behind the Flimsee Sticks with your weight on your back foot, and your shoulder pointing in  the direction of your target.

The Grip: Grab the disc with your thumb on top and your fingers curled underneath the disc’s rim, until it feels right.

The Toss: If your right handed, draw the disc across your body from left to right to build velocity in the motion of straightening out your arm.  Step strong towards a flimsy friend, rotating your body and flicking the wrist.

There are many things that one can learn about trajectory by throwing around a flying disc, but these things you will not learn from reading. Like all sports, real outdoor practice is the best way to learn.

We hope everyone takes some time to freshen up on their skills so you can confidently jump into any disc game this summer. Ultimate, Guts, disc golf, catch, and nearly anything you want to do with the Frisbee requires this beautifully basic, backhand throw.