Find a park today!

If you are brainstorming ways to spend your summer, you can not look past state parks as a great, FREE option.  Through Flimsee we are encouraging families and friends to get out and play. People in Ohio often plan for major vacations to beautiful beaches sometimes forgetting how great a short trip to the park for a couple hours can be.  With a short trip it can be easy to gather everyone up and head out for some fun.  Parks in our country are a major investment of our tax dollars and those in charge are doing a tremendous job keeping them maintained to near perfection. As you can see in the picture below, parks are everywhere. Some have playground equipment, opportunities to hike, disc golf courses, and great grassy areas for Flimsee.

If your in Ohio, check out one of these state parks today!  They all have plenty of wide open green space for some Flimsee.