One family reunion at a time

Once we finalized the Flimsee® Classic Set, the first thing we had to do was take it on a tour around Ohio and see how it ‘fit in’ among other outdoor yard games. What we found was that Flimsee is an instant hit. It really takes some players that have pretty good experience tossing a disc around, but for the most part it is fun for all skill levels.  Flimsee® Cups is the game of choice for weening people away from cornhole bags and back to tossing the classic flying saucer. This fresh new way to play is a hit at parties and always stirs up great reactions.

Outdoor games at family reunion’s are a great tradition in my family and Flimsee did an exceptional job at bringing everyone together for some good ole fashioned backyard fun.

Special thanks to the Eberly Family Reunion for these great action shots.

Cheers to having fun and playing Flimsee® often.