Family Fun Day

I saw a great line today, Treat family like friends and friends like family!

In high school, my girlfriend (and current wife) made me realize my Sundays were not spent like most of my friends. For some, Sundays are spent watching football, relaxing at the pool or taking a much needed nap. Not for me, I am lucky to be a part of an extraordinary family thatloves to spend time together. My Sundays usually include a family dinner that may rival some family reunions.

It is without question my family has varying political, religious and economic views, so staying inside to discuss whether fox is “fair and balanced” is not always the best idea.  When summer birthday season comes around, we bond over life, education, sports, work, and the next trip to the farm in southern Ohio. This is our place to get away from the stresses of responsibility and something we all agree on, similar to the importance of fun outdoor sports.  With all the hours that we are all working these days, it is a common interest to be sure we are making the best of our free time.  Below are a couple lawn game classics that we use to get our uncles off the couch. I hope they can come in handy to get everyone up and enjoying the outdoors at your next family gathering.

1.  Flimsee Cups    (Of course it takes the # 1 spot, it’s the best)

2.  Kickball  (A classic for getting everyone involved, as long as you can find the kickball)

3.  Cornhole (Be sure to check out our Columbus friends at woodgamz.

4.  Trackball (We may have a whole post about this one)

5.  Badminton (Great with the grandparents)

6.  Home Run Derby (aluminum bats and tennis balls are best, but not always good for residential)

7.  Volleyball (Still waiting on approval for that delivery of sand)

8.  Catch  (All of the disc throwing going lately, you can’t forget about tossing the ball)