A conversation about having fun with this….

This blog is first a conversation about having fun and second a way to shed some light on this Flimsee brand.

If you have just stumbled upon this word, Flimsee represents a game and a name that looks to create groundbreaking fun all around America.  Flimsee Sticks, Cups, and Discs make up our game set that is proven to bring serious excitement to outdoor events.   By playing Flimsee you are entering a new world of timeless games for the family, different and better than anything on the market. Flimsee is our own little small business and at the same time it is a great new game that would make a valuable addition to your sporting goods collection.

The Flimsee Brand has sprouted around a group of friends, family, and a flying discs, committed to bringing excitement to normally uneventful times.

Check out the official game set at www.flimsee.com and try this game out. We are ready to ship anywhere, so don’t hesitate to get in the game and get your friends on it as well.

We appreciate the visit and hope that you will tell your friends that we are up to good things.

Flimsee is Stickin to the Outdoors and we hope you will do the same.

– Cheers