Flimsy and Flexible: The Flimsee Sticks are where it’s at.

In spite of the wobbly name and simple premise, Flimsee has proven to be oddly addictive. As true in almost all experiences in life, the first time is always the most memorable. The first time you send a saucer clean through the sticks is monumental. The first time you bounce a cup over your opponent’s head you will see the relevance of the stick and cup relationship. The Flimsee challenge becomes growing our team at Flimsee and sitting back as people’s Flimsee skills and interest progress. From the point of first use, the Flimsee set provides an experience that will grab your attention and have you looking forward to the next time you can play. It brings a new dimension to outdoor fun and will transform a backyard into an exciting disc tossing arena where people are crazy about getting into the action.

If you have some sticks and some cups, we recommend you find a disc and start getting in on some Flimsee fun. Between video games, iPhones, and computers holding nearly all of the world’s information,  we wonder why young people come outside at all – let alone getting out to play. It is a worry that young people do not experience the same outdoor fun as previous generations because of time spent online – it is well worth a Flimsee effort to take it on as something that needs solved.  I believe the only technology that has strengthened our appreciation and sensitivity to the outdoors is national geographic HD.  The beautiful landscapes that surround us every day are amazing and we are remiss not to take advantage of them. The parks and recreational departments in the US are preserving so much beauty and we believe we have found an incredble way to further utilize it.

To be honest, Facebook and playstation are fierce competitors, but here at Flimsee we think we have an activity strong enough to take them on. So for now, we are sticking to the outdoors.